My angels!

My angels!

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Evie's 2nd Birthday!

We were going to have a party at home on Sunday the day before her birthday, but my mom said I didn't give her enough notice for the party. She wants to order all kinds of stuff for the party since Evie is older. I didn't understand how she couldn't have enough notice, I didn't change Evie's birthday! However, I agreed and told my mom to order what she wanted then the party will be whenever the stuff arrives.

With nothing to do that weekend we went to Michigan, to my In-laws house. I called my husbands aunts and cousins on Sat and invited them to the party on Sunday. Thankfully Meijers had a descent cake. It was a cupcake cake with cupcakes in the shape of a dog. Almost everyone came despite the short notice.

Evie was so cute so wore a princess hat I bought her a few days prior. She loved the hat, and wouldn't do birthday cake without the hat on! She had a Disney fairy outfit and wings I bought her to. They didn't go together, but were still super cute. She loved the wings and kept flying around the house.

Evie and Christopher had tons of fun. Evie kept licking or trying to lick the cake. It was funny. They wrote happy birthday on the platter and she ate all the icing off. Good thing it wasn't actually on the cupcakes! She kept sticking her fork into all the cupcakes though. She blew out the candle this year to. I tried to video, but forgot to charge my camera batteries. Good thing my digital camera records because it was to cute!

She was so excited about her party. The only bad thing was that most of the people were older so no little ones, her age, for her to play with. She didn't seem to care. More attention for her I guess!

One of her first presents was a baby pig. It is one of those alive baby animals that moves and makes noise. She didn't really want to open any more presents after that. She only wanted to play with her pig. She got a stroller for her baby, which I assumed, quite wrongly, that it would be easily assembled! It took forever. Then both Christopher and Evie fought over it all night! I thought I should have bought two, but now it is old news and just sitting so good thing I didn't!

Both the kids had so much fun that after presents they insisted I allow them both to sit on my lap, and they both fell asleep. I put Evie in my lap with my legs crossed making her a little bed, I was on the floor. I held Christopher in my arms. It was so cute that they both fell asleep despite all the noise of the party still going on.

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