My angels!

My angels!

Sunday, October 25, 2009

The kids and the idea of a new baby

Evie knows that mommy is going to have a baby, and is excited about it. I think. Christopher has no idea what we are talking about, and I don't think he cares either. He just glances at me or my belly and then continues whatever he is doing.

Evie on the other hand copies everything I do. So of coarse there is a baby in her belly to. The other day I ran to the bathroom and said "I am going to vomit!" Later she ran to the kitchen, because she thought that was where I went. She also said, "I am going to vomit!" She does know what vomit is. I told her no mommy vomits in the toilet not the trash can, and then I flush it away. So she went into the bathroom, and made vomit noises then flushed the toilet. When she came out she said "I vomited!" I just said "OH!" Not wanting to give it to much attention. I don't want to discourage or encourage the behavior.

She also told my husband the other day during her bath that she wants a sister, and we should name her princess Leia! I thought this was funny since she has only heard that name a couple of times. Then today she told me she had a sister in her tummy! I again just said, "Oh."

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Anonymous said...

This is too funny! I'ts amazing what our kids will imitate. And if I haven't said this yet - congratulations!


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