My angels!

My angels!

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Nice day!

Today was the first nice day we have had in a while. Hubby took the car to work, so we were stuck at home. I didn't mind since I really needed to clean the whole house! Because Monday and Tuesday daddy watched the kids while I worked for my mom for a bit. I think it was a total of 10 hours that I was gone, but they managed to destroy the entire house! I'm not kidding! I have no idea how my little munchkins made so much of a mess! I asked hubby if he helped them make the mess or something. He just looked at me funny!

So the entire morning the kids and I cleaned. Every toy they own was out and somewhere other than where it should have been! We had fun, and the kids helped a lot. Or at least when the weren't actually helping they weren't making more messes (that alone helped out A LOT!). So after nap I was craving chocolate and Pepsi, and since the kids (or really all of us) deserved a reward we set out for a walk. To the local gas station to get chocolate and pop!

It was fun and probably 8 blocks of walking all together. After stopping at the gas station we sat in the local high school parking lot (on a curb) since school was out, and enjoyed a snack! Then we headed home. The school had some small pine trees that the kids were running around, and then they decided to put all the pine cones in a pile. I thought no big deal, right?

No it wasn't a big deal until I realized they were covered in tree sap! I cleaned up Christopher it came right off of him, but it really liked Evie and wouldn't come off. The rest of the way home she refused to hold my hand. She said," Don't touch me! I dirty!"

I felt bad. I didn't know or at least didn't think about it. So home we went and straight into the tub they went. Then I noticed she even had it on her neck! The little that was in her hair I got out, without having to cut her hair! Thank you God!

I couldn't get the stuff off her neck and hands. I felt bad because her skin was getting sore from scrubbing. I called my husband he didn't know what to do. Thankfully he works with a lot of guys and someone knew what to do. First he was told to use paint thinner, I don't think so! Then gas, definitely not. I heard him tell the guy "its for my 2 year old".

Finally he said Windex would work. Great I didn't have Windex. I didn't have any of the other stuff either, but I definitely wasn't gonna try them. I figured Windex was the safest and borrowed some from my neighbors. It came off with a little effort. Much easier than I had expected! At last she was clean!

At least it was a nice sunny day 59 degrees out, and the most important thing was we had a blast!

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