My angels!

My angels!

Thursday, October 8, 2009

I'm freaking out here!

I have been really tired lately, which I just chalked up to the kids not sleeping through the night. Despite the fact that they rarely sleep through the night and I should be used to it. Then something my mom said the other day got me thinking. Out of the blue she was drilling me "Are you pregnant? Are you sure? You're sure your not pregnant?" What the heck she's nuts I thought.

Then today as I was going to the bathroom I thought what the heck I'll take a pregnancy test. I had 3 of them, one left over from a few months ago. My husband insisted I was pregnant so we bought tests, and I was right no baby! We still had a test. It was a double pack name brand "Answer," since I had that I decided to take it. It was positive! I peed on it longer than 5 seconds because I didn't read the instructions!

So I freaked. I had 2 tests I bought at a dollar store and decided to take those as well. They were both negative! So I'm not sure what to think or do! I don't want to tell anyone if I'm not pregnant, but I want to know. Maybe the first test was better than the dollar store ones?????

I have no idea what to do, but I am majorly freaking out!!!! I don't even want to tell hubby yet. I think he wants another one right now and would be bummed if I wasn't pregnant. I will be happy and sad. I know another one would be more sharing of me for the kids and I don't think that is fair for them since they are so young! I wanted to wait until they are a little older and more independent. I don't want to have to rush them!


Marisa said...

Oh wow, i'd be freaking out as well!

Could you possibly run to the store and get a digital? I hope either way things work out for you!

Cara said...

Oh wow! I'd be a mess! I'm in a similar situation as you with my kids, I have a 2yo & a 1yo, so I'd lose my marbles if I had another baby right now.

Get yourself to the store & get another test!

Cara said...

Also-thank you for the award the other day! I'll get around to blogging again soon!

Jennifer said...

When I was Pregnant with my second son, Jonas, It was a dollar store and their tests dont show up until days AFTER your period. They are designed to read an HCG of over 50, the others read at 25. You ARE pregnant. There is no such thing as a false posative unless you are on fertility drugs (its very very rare literally unhead of) CONGRATS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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