My angels!

My angels!

Monday, February 2, 2009

Christopher self feeding!

Christopher is doing really well feeding himself. I got some great advice from others who have read my blog. I got some bowls that suction down to the highchair. All of which he eventually gets lose and dumps. He is so strong. I also got some shorter spoons. I love the bowl I found by Gerber. It has 3 pieces a suction cup for the base, a plate, and then a rim that goes over the plate. This allows him to eat without pushing the food off his plate, or the plate of the high chair. Gerber also had some neat shorter spoons. One set came with the plate and has a thicker handle. That seems to be his favorite one.

He is doing great despite the fact that he has only been feeding himself for a couple of weeks. He uses his hands a lot and makes a big mess. I do worry about how much he is actually eating versus wearing, but I have learned to accept it and let him go. I actually had to he wouldn't let me feed him anymore. I try to get a few bites in here and there, some he eats and some he spits out just because I fed him. He is so independent lately. The look on his face when he feeds himself makes it all worth it. Thank you to everyone who gave some tips.

One food I found that both my kids love is soup. They love ramen noodles, and Campbell's curly noodles. They make a big mess, but they have so much fun! I am still extra cautious with Christopher, he has just choked way to many times. Not actually choked, but he has had some close calls. I think it is because he tries to swallow food to soon. When it gets to the back of his throat he gags and vomits. Plus, it scares him and me! This is because of his throat condition Laryngomalacia.

He is also holding his sippy cups now. Something he wasn't doing 2 weeks ago. His favorite cup is by Dr Brown. He still gets a bottle, but most of the time rejects it. He only wants one when he is tired. He is growing so fast!

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