My angels!

My angels!

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Sneaky, Sneaky!

Today, I was on the Internet in the dinning room with my back to the living room. Christopher was sleeping, but I couldn't get Evie to sleep. So I turned on cartoons and let her play. All of a sudden the TV turned off. I though she was playing with the remote so ignored it. However, after a few minutes I realized that she was way to quiet to. I could hear her, but not very well.

I went turned and looked into the living room, and saw her. She had crawled over the table that holds the TV and was now behind it. We have a large flat TV that is held in the air by a stand. The stand has 2 shelves both are glass. The way the table is positioned it creates a triangle shaped play area just big enough for a little person behind it.

I was so mad, "she knows not to do that" I thought! The safety hazards alone were enough to almost give me a heart attack. She is lucky, or I am lucky (we are all lucky) that the glass didn't shatter and hurt or kill her! Not to mention the TV weighs like 60 or so pounds. It could have fallen.

I went into the living room, and pretended not to see her. I saw her slink back into the corner to hide, though! I said, "Evie, where are you!" A few times, but got no response.

Finally, I turned to the TV and said, "Are you in trouble?"

"Yeah," whispered very quietly was the response I got. I almost died with laughter, but I bite my tongue. Good thing she was behind the TV!

I asked, "Are you being a bad girl?"

"Yeah" she said also in almost a whisper. Again I had to hold back the laughter!

I got her out and put her in time out while I reminded her that behind the TV was no place to play. It was a reminder that I you can't take your eyes away for any amount of time. Toddlers will find a way to do or get into whatever strikes them at that moment!

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