My angels!

My angels!

Friday, February 20, 2009

Fun Day!

Today is also daddy's birthday. Happy Birthday Daddy! We went out of town today. Daddy had a doctor appointment today, and it was about 45 minutes away! It was his first step towards having bariatric surgery. We were all a little nervous, so we all went, Nanna, Papa, Mommy, daddy, Evie, and Christopher! However, when we got there they told us the appointment would be 4hours long. So, daddy stayed while we left with the kids.

I decided to go to the mall, if they rented strollers because I had forgot to bring mine. I usually don't when daddy is with, we both carry one kid! I parked in front of one of the many mall entrances and ran in to ask if they rented strollers. I was told, "Yes, downstairs by Macy's." So I parked in the closest spot near Macy's. We went in and found a great play place in front of the store, but the stroller rental had been moved to the other side of the mall.

As we made our way in that direction we discovered a huge carousel in the middle of the mall. Nanna and I decided to take the kids on it while Papa went for the stroller. We didn't have much of a choice Evie was already standing by the gate. I hate carousel for some reason they make me dizzy and nauseous. They didn't years ago, but something has changed since I had children. Both the kids sat on a horse. The nice thing was they had straps to buckle the kids in! It was fun, and didn't make me that sick.

The mall stroller was so cool! It was a double stroller that unfortunately cost 7$ to rent. However, it was money well spent the kids loved it. It was a firetruck with stadium style seating, and each kid had their own steering wheel! It also had a huge bag for storage under it, and 2 large cup holders. Plus, the kids were separated enough that they couldn't fight at all. I would buy one of these seriously! I know I will definitely rent one again!

First we ate at the food court. I didn't know what the kids would eat so I spent almost 20$ on food at Sparros, I think that is how you spell it! I had a stuffed pizza, and got the kids baked zitti, potatoes, cheese pizza, and bread sticks. I didn't know who would eat what. They both can be so picky! In fact neither one of them ate much of anything. Christopher ate the cheese pizza, and Evie refused to eat anything!

After eating we went to the Disney store. However, on the way I saw a store with wedding clothes. They have tons of cute dresses for girls, Evie's size, as well as suits that would fit Christopher. I thought how cute to get Evie a dress for Easter, and Christopher an actual suit with a tie or something to match Evie! I looked for a bit, but Evie got bored. She did pick out a dress. Some dresses were not that expensive around $30, not the one my daughter picked out. She picked a $60 dress. She isn't even 2 yet. I decided to leave the store. We stopped in a game/educational store. They had tons of stuff including life size stuffed dogs, pandas, and some other animals. Evie liked them, but I think they were to real looking she didn't get to close. She did grab a toy and run out of the store! Uh-OH!

The Disney store was overload for her to. She grabbed a Tinker Bell socker ball and carried that around for a while. I had trouble getting her to stay with me. My in-laws needed a break so they sat down outside the store with Christopher. Evie found some fairy wings, and said, "Fly, mama, Fly!" I put them on her and she didn't take them off most of the day. Needless to say I bought them. Twenty dollar wings, Yeah! Money well spent, I think. I did wait a while to buy them. She picked up every stuffed dog she saw, 100 Dalmatians and Bolt, then she hugged them while rubbing their fur on her face making a soft awe sound! It was cute, but I told her wings or a dog. She put the dog down every time.

Build-A-Bear was next door, thanks a lot, and she had to go in. We walked around. I know she didn't get the idea of what was going on in there. She just liked the look of all the stuff. I told her wings or a bear. She had a little difficulty, but in the end the wings won. The lady who stuffs the bears did let her keep a heart. They are the ones you kiss, and put into your bear before the bear is totally stuffed and closed up! That was nice.

Next we went to the play place. Christopher had been sitting most of the day, and needed to play. Evie rode on the train Christopher was to small to ride alone and I wouldn't fit so he didn't get to ride. Evie loved it. I took Christopher into the play place. Immediately, a little girl came up to him and asked him, "Hi, Baby do you want to play with me?"

I told her he could play with her. She replied with, "I will teach him how to walk!"

I smiled and said, "Thank you!" Knowing he could already walk, so it wouldn't be that hard for her to teach him. Once he tripped and she fell her mom rushed over, but I assured her that all was fine. Despite the girl being very bossy I was more worried that Christopher would hurt her! While playing he hugged 2 girls and 1 boy. It was cute. They were all around 4, and thought Christopher was cute.

After the train ride Evie came over to play to. She keep running out. On both sides of the play area there were rides. She was more interested in those. I don't know how much nana and papa spent in quarters! They both had so much fun.

Around 1:30 we left to go get daddy. Babies 'R Us was on the way, but the kids had fallen asleep. I ran in really quick, took about 30 minutes. It's a big store! I found almost everything I was looking for, and some things I wasn't. I bought diapers for both my sister and sister in law. They are both expecting with in the next month/ month in a half. I got a good deal 304 diapers for 35$. Then we went and got daddy. Ate a late lunch at a buffet place. Which I like because kids are free and you can offer the kids more of a selection. Then we went home. It was a long, and fun day!

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