My angels!

My angels!

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Valentine's Day!

We went to Walmart on Valentine's Day, and immediately when we walked in Evie saw a huge Pooh balloon. It was bigger than her. All she could say was "Pooh!" My husband didn't say a word, and he went to get the balloon for her. We got the same one for Christopher to. Since we weren't in any type of hurry I let Evie walk around the store. Which she loved! She walked around pulling her balloon just as proud as she could be. She said "Hi!" to everyone we passed, and then quickly added "MINE!" referring to her balloon. Everyone thought she was so cute. It was cute, but the "mine" gets old fast. So for their Valentines Day gift they got life size pooh balloons.

Evie also filled out Sesame Street Valentines for the family. She scribbled on all of them and I put the names on them. Then I folded them and we delivered them. My brother, Isaac age 7, and Sister, Abby age 9, thought it was hilarious that I folded the Valentines the wrong way. It has been years since I had to fold Valentines and wondered why it was so hard to tell which Valentine went to who. The thought did not cross my mind to put the To and From side on the outside! Silly, MaMa!

My husband also surprised me for the first time in forever I think. He can home from work an hour late. I was starting to get really worried to! He opened the door and said "whats this junk out here!"

We had been expecting a package from UPS. So I thought "UPS runs this early?" 9 am at that point. I said "Well, bring it in!"

His surprising response was "I'm not touching this crap!"

Which made me think, "What the heck is out there!" I went to the door totally confused. I saw a box and a bag. It didn't look like garbage, but at that time I had no idea what it was. I thought to my self, "Who would leave me this stuff?" My husband's name didn't even cross my mind. As I picked it up I realized what it was! I couldn't believe it. He bought me a new lap top and all kinds of stuff for it. Blank CDs, DVDs, my favorite game, a wireless mouse (for convenience), and another game. I was so happy. I didn't even want to know how much it cost. I had told him not to buy it since he needs to have bariatric surgery. I told him we should save the money so it is there if we need it, but if not we have it to buy my computer later. He didn't listen, and honestly I didn't mind!

I was on cloud nine. He said he knew he had been horrible lately, so he wanted to get me something nice to make up for it. I would have settled for some changed diapers and baths, but I'll take what I can get! I really really wanted a lap top of my own. I want to write a book. I just need to figure out how to!

Our anniversary is coming soon and so is my birthday so he also bought me some desperately needed pans, and a vacuum that charges so I don't have to break out the big one for every little mess. Yeah, a cleaner house with less fuss, the best gift ever! He also paid my sister, Racheal age 11, and brother, Nate age 17, to come over and do some cleaning for me! They shampooed most of the house, and cleaned the kitchen! What am I supposed to do after being spoiled so bad!

The only bad thing is that I couldn't get anything for him. He says I take care of him and our kids and that is enough! I'd still like to get him a gift. He takes care of us! He works hard so I don't have to, and that is a lot in itself. He doesn't realize how much we appreciate him!

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