My angels!

My angels!

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Birthday on Monday!

Evie will be 2 on Monday. She is so excited she knows what birthdays are and loves them. We ordered her Dora cake today. She keeps saying, "Mine Birthday!" I can't wait. I just don't know what to do. I want to take her to Chicago to the aquarium we will probably do that on Monday. I ordered the cake for Sunday so we will probably invite family over for dinner. I just can't decide. I know the aquarium will probably be expensive, and I don't want to go over board. Daddy already spent way to much on her.

Despite having a toddler bed already, a nice wooden bed that was my brothers, daddy ordered her a Dora canopy bed and Dora bed set. It is cute as can be, but what about the other bed. Daddy says, "Christopher can have it!" I don't think that is fair, and what if she won't let him have it! She has already claimed it as her own. Walmart had a baby stroller and clothes on clearance so I got her some. I thought this was fitting since she got the baby for her first birthday, and still plays with it.

Well whatever we do I know she will have fun. I don't know what my hang up is about it. Maybe it is because she is growing so fast.

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