My angels!

My angels!

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Not up to posting.

If your wondering why I haven't been posting as often lately it is because I haven't been feeling good. I have been having horrible headaches. I have been plagued with headaches my entire life, but these lately are like nothing I have ever experienced. They are so bad at times I can't even take care of the kids. The other day, I hurt so bad I accidentally put my daughter's coat on my son. It took me several seconds of looking at him wondering what was wrong before I figured it out.

Today I hurt so bad it scared me to death. I though what if something happened to me what about my kids? I was giving them a bath when my head got really bad. I had to get them out of the tub. I was afraid if something happened to me they would be in the tub with no one watching them! That scared the crap out of me. Yes, it hurt that bad.

So I saw my doctor, twice this week, and I am having a CT tomorrow of my head and neck. The pain seems to start in my neck and move up my head. It is worse on the left side between my ear and forehead. It feels like someone is stabbing me in my ear. The pain pulsates from achy to horrific pain I can't stand. It is up and down. The worst part is it is making me mean. Lately I have a very short fuse. I feel awful about it, but I am in constant pain. I can't think half the time. My back is achy as well. I also have been having chest pain, numbness on my left side by my breast. I think all this is anxiety. I hope that is it. I know I have a lot of stress. I wear the weight of the world on my shoulders.

I have a sore throat this afternoon, as if I needed anything else to hurt. I took a 2 hour nap while my sister watched the kids, thank God. When I woke up my throat hurt and has been sore ever since. I just hope the kids don't get sick. I can't handle that and this right now. I'm just praying to get through this. It should be a universal law that mommies can't get sick. Or daddies!

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