My angels!

My angels!

Monday, February 2, 2009

His first first birthday party!

My family lives in Indiana, but my husbands lives in Michigan therefore often the children will have 2 birthday parties. This was one of those times. Christopher's first birthday party was a week and one day before his actual birthday. He got mostly clothes and shoes. I asked for no toys. Being so close to Christmas we were already completely overwhelmed with toys. He did get an Elmo that plays music.

The party was fun to fun. Christopher was so excited he didn't want to go to bed that night. A lot of family came to making it more fun. Christopher, mommy, daddy, and Evie were there. So were nana, papa, (it was their house), uncle Mike, Uncle shaun, and Aunt Morgan stopped by to. His great Aunt Diane, her daughter Nicki, and Nicki's kids saadie, Montana, and Lonnie were all there to. His great Aunt Charlotte, her grandkids Taylor, and Xavior, and her son Dan along with his kids Jordan, and Emma, who is 18 months, were all there to. Both the kids were really excited with all the people around.

Christopher was walking to so everyone had to watch out for him because he was everywhere. They also played rock band. Which both my kids loved, it turns out that Evie is quite the rocker once she started singing she wouldn't stop. They both loved to sing and dance. It was fun. Something that we all could do. I think we might get that game!

His first cake was a Bob the builder cake, and he wouldn't even eat any of it! I got him to eat some with ice cream. Mostly he made a mess with it. I don't think he liked the way it felt in his hands. He did play with the little truck that came with it. He didn't pay much attention to everyone singing "Happy Birthday". I don' think he knew what to think about all this. He almost burnt his face on the candle. You could tell that he got to close to it, because of the look on his face. So I blew the candle out for him. He did grab the cake.

All in all it was a fun day!

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-Knowles said...

"First Birthday" parties are always the best!

I read your comment about sleeping. Sleep schedules are hard but worth the effort. Getting the kiddos to go to sleep on their own is priceless. Hang in there!


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