My angels!

My angels!

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Nana and Papa visit!

We all love when nana and papa visit for different reasons of coarse. For mommy I get a mini vacation, and the kids just love their nana and papa. The spoil the kids rotten. I don't mind since they only see the kids once or twice a month usually for 2 days. We try to visit them every other weekend.

However, this past weekend I didn't want to go. Everyone has been sick lately and I just didn't want to be away from home with sick kids. If something is gonna get worse it will happen late at night when we are far from home, that is just my luck! The kids have had runny noses for over 2 weeks, and I have been having headaches. Good thing we didn't go daddy actually got sick Friday, and now all four of us are on antibiotics. The bad thing is nana picked it up to. We called her today to say, "Happy Birthday!" and she sounds horrible.

The worst thing about nana and papa visiting is getting the kids to sleep. They get so exited to see them that it is nearly impossible to get them to sleep. Evie is the worst she will lay down and then say, "Papa, Nana!" Then she will cry until she I let her up to go see them. I figured out how to solve the problem though at bed time everybody goes to bed. When she sees everyone going to sleep she doesn't feel like she is missing anything. Even if most times it is just a show. It is what works for now!

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