My angels!

My angels!

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Little Fish!

Today my brother and sisters all had a half day at school, plus the weather was nice for a change. So I decided to pick them up from school, get lunch, and take all the kids swimming. We went to McDonalds for lunch after ordering I realized I forgot my purse. Usually, I keep it in the diaper bag so this doesn't happen.

I asked if they could hold the order, after all I had ordered for 7 people and didn't really want to do it again. They told me "Yes." So I went home and got my purse. I returned thinking I would pay and go with food ready. No, I had to wait in line again and reorder, they can't hold orders. It wasn't that big of a deal except they told me "yes", and I had 5 hungry kids in the car. One 2 year old crying "french fries, mommy", and a 1 year old just crying! I was not thrilled.

We got our food went to my mom's house, ate, took care of the dogs, and went to the pool. All went reasonably well. Evie hadn't had a nap so she only wanted to swim for about 20 minutes, but then she got her second wind, the cranky wind! So then she didn't want to leave. After about 45 minutes of swimming I was done. I was exhausted.

Evie swam every where and hardly allowed anyone to help her. A couple moms asked me how old she was, and couldn't believe she wasn't even 2 yet. They figured she had been in a lot of swimming lessons, but really she has only taken 2 classes both times we missed a lot of classes!

Christopher on the other hand held onto my shoulder tight. He would splash occasionally. I swished him around the water in front of me a little, but he preferred to be held on my hip as close as possible. He did have a lot of fun though. After a bit he was blowing raspberries on my neck, which made all the kids in the pool constantly turn and stare. I know they were wondering who farted. Oh, well!

The hardest part was getting cleaned up after. All of us were cold. Christopher's lips were a blue or purple color. We all went into the handicapped shower. I turned on the warm water as soon as possible. Isaac and Abby washed off first and went to get dressed. Then I cleaned the kids and myself off. I got dressed while Christopher and Evie fought over the shower. It was one on a hose! They loved it. After that I dressed the kids, Christopher first while Abby watched Evie.

Finally we were done and ready to head home. We all had wet hair so I wanted to hurry to the car, but Evie didn't want to be carried! I was carrying Christopher already when I had to grab Evie with my other arm. She ended up being carried like a football to the car. I had to walk fast so I wouldn't drop her. I felt bad, but it was to cold out for wet hair.

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