My angels!

My angels!

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

The fish!

My daughter is obsessed with fish. Every time we go to Walmart she wants to see the fish. Then asks "more fish, more fish". We tell her the fish have to go to sleep so we can walk away from the fish.

So when she got a present for Christmas from Grandma that she already had I decided to trade it in for fish. So with out completely thinking it through we bought her a small $10.00 fish tank and a Beta fish along with 2 other fish that looked like gold fish but were called something else. The 2 goldfish like fish have already died. I may have been over feeding them. And the tank was filthy. We have had it for two weeks, I think. So we bought two fish to aide in the cleaning of the tank.

All was well then hurricane Christopher hit. First of all the tank is in what I felt was the best spot in the house. We have an L shape bench for our dinning room table. In the corner is a small shelf. Where better to put a small tank? Christopher was on the bench with me, and noticed the tank. I thought "Oh how cute, he is looking at the fish!" I was right next to him and had no idea that what would happen next could even happen.

Some how he knocked the tank over. Water and fish went everywhere! I freaked. I grabbed him and put him in his crib. The only place that can contain him. He began screaming! Which woke up daddy who was sleeping for work. He didn't know what was going on, and he began screaming!

I was afraid to touch the fish! They are slimy! So I grabbed a Christmas card and scooped up the first one, the Beta. He was fine! The other a white fish that eats food and stuff off the bottom to help keep the tank clean was no where to be found. He ended up being under the light/lid. I thought he was dead. He flopped around a little, but when I put him into the tank he just laid on the bottom. (He is usually really active). The sucker fish didn't get tossed out, thankfully.

With everyone back in the tank I had to clean the mess up and add water. I was worried that if I just added tap water without treating it or letting it sit out they would die. Plus, what if it was to cold or hot. I tried for cool water close to room temperature. Then I let it sit out while I cleaned up. The tank had just enough water to keep the fish in water. I had to move the bench and dry up the water. Then I added the water. This was last night and so far they are all alive and doing fine.

For now at least they are all okay!

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