My angels!

My angels!

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Binkie Enabler!

Our Pediatrician has been nagging me for months because of my daughter's attachment to her binkie. "We aren't trying hard enough to break this habit," he says. Apparently binkies cause all sorts of problems after the age of one or some where in there. They cause speech delays or other speech problems, dental problems, and ear infections.

But what about all the good they do! Ok, that part is just me being selfish. Having two kids so close together is hard work. For example how do you make a 18 month old toddler be quiet for any amount of time???? You give them a binkie!!! If the baby is asleep and Evie is being fussy I give her a binkie. If I am trying hard to get my son to sleep and he can't because his sister is making too much noise for whatever reason I give her a binkie. If I need some peace and quiet to keep my sanity in tack I give every body a binkie!

I know this will all pass and she will out grow the binkie. I have yet to see a kid in elementary school with his or her binkie still. I just don't want to rush her because I am not ready. I can't deal with the screaming.

How on earth could I get one kid to sleep when the other won't stop screaming? Not to mention the fact that at this point all it does is provide comfort for her when I can't. She will take it out and give it to me when I ask for it with little thought. At times she even says it is "Yucky". If she puts it in my mouth I spit it out and say "YUCK".

So I am trying. Just not that hard, but do you blame me. She has had some ear infections and I feel horrible, as if they are my fault for allowing her to have a binkie and bottle. I just don't really know what else to do!

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