My angels!

My angels!

Friday, August 29, 2008


We went to Michigan for the weekend to visit my In-Laws. When we got there Papa Chris was at the doctor's office he had a suspicious rash, which turned out to be Shingles. Shingles is a variation of Chicken Pox. Apparently once you have had Chicken Pox it remains in your system dormant until something disturbs it and causes Shingles. He was bit by a horse fly on his back. This happened to be in just the right spot over a nerve that set the virus off.

Any one who has not had Chicken Pox can get the virus from someone with Shingles, and they say to avoid pregnant women, elderly, and children under 12 months. His doctor advised him not to even be in the same room with the children. My family doctor said it wasn't a real concern unless the kids were rubbing up on him. You only get it through direct contact. My daughter has been vaccinated for varicella, but my son has not yet.

I didn't want to take any chances I took the kids and went home. I can't have both of the kids that sick at the same time. They are just to little right now. Plus, my husband had to use up all his vacation already for my C-section, my gall bladder surgery, and when my son was in the hospital for RSV and Laryngomalacia. So I would be on my own.

My mom thinks I shouldn't worry about it if they get it good. According to her this is the best time for them to get it because they are so young. She says it won't be that bad for them. I on the other hand am not so sure. I was in fifth grade when I had them, and it was horrible. As a mother I have to try to shield my kids from harm as much as possible. Hopefully they will never get chicken pox.

My husband wants me to listen to the family doctor who thinks I didn't need to leave the grandparents house. Just keep a shirt on grandpa to make sure the sores are covered, and watch that they don't seep through. They can also seep through his sweat. I just want my kids safe. I already left and don't want to chance anything. He started taking pills for it today. My plan is to go back Sunday. Maybe that will be enough time and we don't have to worry any more.

I feel really bad about the whole situation. I know they love the kids, and my kids adore them. Especially their Papa, but I can't be to careful when it comes to their safety. I know he would just be devastated if they got sick from him.

Plus, my husband has never had Chicken Pox, and is at risk to. He always gets to be the care free fun guy while I have to be the worried neurotic parent. It's not fun, but I already had a baby in Pediatric Intensive Care twice I really don't want to go there again if I can help it!

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