My angels!

My angels!

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Funny Feet!

Evangeline has a play picnic set we got her for the summer. It has plates, cups, a cute basket, picnic cloth, and utensils. It is pink with pandas on it. I think we got it at a Wal-Mart, where else.

I was in the bed room trying to rock Christopher to sleep when I see that Evie is coming in. I think, "Oh, No!" Because how can I get him to sleep with noisy sissy in the room. However, she is taking a really long time to walk into the room. I know she is coming because I can see her shadow. I realize she is also walking really weird. I wonder what's wrong, but she isn't crying so I don't worry.

When she finally crosses the threshold into the room I almost die laughing. So much for sleeping baby brother! She has the two tiny pink cups on her feet as shoes and can hardly walk. She is determined to do it though and walks very slowly into the room taking extreme caution so she doesn't fall or loose her new shoes!

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