My angels!

My angels!

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Frenulotomy Surgery day!

I didn't sleep well last night. I was nervous about today's surgery. All went well though. My husband was going to stay home with our daughter, but she woke up at 6:30 this morning so I thought why don't we all go. Big mistake. She was tired and cranky and bored! She did not want to sit in the stroller at all despite the toys and treats I brought with us. Almost sounds like she's a dog.

She was so cranky. We all were in the prep room. (I'm not sure the technical name for the room, but it's where you get ready for the surgery and then wait to be taken into surgery.) Christopher sat very still for all his vitals, but his sister was crying and signing "ALL DONE". It was a nightmare. Not to mention the fact that because my husband works nights he was up all night and cranky too!

Christopher was so cute in the tiny hospital gown. It's the fourth one he's been into. I actually have two from the first times he was in the hospital. This one was orange with looney tunes on it. He was in such a good mood. The entire time we waited, about an hour, he mostly played, laughed, and talked. I was nervous, but mostly worried about cranky thing one and two!

When they took him back I felt bad at first because I couldn't go. I know why, but still it is hard to be separated from your child especially when you know they are going under the knife. I sound like he had some thing major done. To catch you up he had a Frenulotomy done. The ski under his tongue comes holds his tongue down to much. It actually extends all the way to the end of his tongue. It causes eating difficulties and later speech problems. So it is best to fix it during infancy.

The procedure took probably 15 minutes. They put him under anesthesia by use of a gas mask. He wasn't under long because before they came to get me I could hear him crying. They then gave him rectal Tylenol to help with pain. They numbed the area with a local anesthetic. Then clipped the skin under the tongue back so that it is now normal. There was little bleeding, according to the doctor only a drop. He didn't even need stitches. He had a little drainage after ward, but was fine.

In recovery when I came in he was crying, but also laughing when he saw me. I felt so bad for him, but so good to be wanted that much. He stopped crying a little when I held him, but he was miserable. I got him dressed and tried to feed him. He wasn't interested in eating so since we were discharged we left. I tried to put him into the stroller, but he screamed. He just wanted to be cuddled. By the time we got into the car he was fine. He watched the DVD "Meet The Robinson's" until he fell asleep. The rest of the day he was a little crankier than usual and slept a little more, but other than that was his normal self. I alternated Tylenol and Motrin all day so he wouldn't suffer any pain.

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