My angels!

My angels!

Monday, June 27, 2011

just a random thought

I am so tired.  I have been staying up to late, and then to tired all day!  Ugh I need to break this circle. I probably should have gone to bed, but hubby will be home soon.  I would be posting more, but as you can tell I've been to tired.

My In-laws got us a new couch and love seat (new to us anyways), and I have been rearranging the house.  And cleaning floor to ceilings as I go.  I moved our tv and had to reroute the cable wires in the basement.  Not that difficult just time consuming.  Thank goodness my mom took the older 2 to see cars 2!  They loved it.  I moved to 2 old couches out and stacked them on the back porch.  Then moved the new ones where I wanted them.  The living room feels so much bigger now!  I can't hold my eyes open any more so goodnight world!

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