My angels!

My angels!

Saturday, April 2, 2011

Oh, where did the day go!

I got to sleep in today!  Whoo hoooo, that doesn't happen often.  The older to got up and watched tv.  Ally woke up and ate then went back to sleep!  Awesome.  But that put our entire day off balance.  Ally slept in so took a late nap.  Which put everything late.  We were gonna go to my moms to visit, but by the time we were in the car it was 5:30! We still needed to go grocery shopping!  So a quick (as quick as possible) trip to Wal-Mart was all we had time for.  We stopped at McDonald's of coarse for dinner. 

It was so nice out still when we got home I took the kids for a little walk in our neighborhood.  Where we might have lost a bottle because I can't find one!  Ally is almost 10 months and now we lose a bottle! I am so bummed.  I either dropped it somewhere or she carried it off somewhere (she's a walker now)! She also unrolled a roll of toilet paper and snuck up the stairs today.  I do have a safety gate, but my 4 year old opened it!  And they all went up!  I was close behind, but she got up 3 stairs before I realized it! 

So the kids didn't get to bed until 8:30 and it took the older two forever to fall asleep!  Now here I am blogging instead of sleeping.  I must thou!  It is my therapy, and helps me keep my sanity!  Evie remembered we were supposed to go to grandma's.  I got off the hook with maybe we can go tomorrow!  Hope she forgets I have no intention of going anywhere tomorrow! 

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