My angels!

My angels!

Monday, April 11, 2011


My husband and I have been having our share of difficulties lately.  We are still deeply in love, but also deeply stressed.  He texted me this morning and asked me to marry him.  I told the kids "Daddy asked me to marry him should I say Yes or No?" 

My four year old daughter immediately said "Yes".  Then after thinking for a moment asked me, "Are you and daddy married now?" Smart girl!  "Yes" I said, "your daddy is just being sweet and letting me know he loves me."  She was happy with that and smiled very big.

However, my son was in tears.  He literally had tears streaming down his face, and amidst his sobs was yelling at me.  Most of his rambling was incoherent.  I did understand "No, don't marry him, cause he's my daddy!"  I don't know what he thought I was gonna do to his daddy, but he was seriously very concerned!  I told him it was ok "I am already married to your daddy!"  This made things worse. 

So men must be born thinking marriage is bad!  I am just kidding.  Obviously he thought it meant something else.  Unfortunately, due to his personality (aka special needs) there was no way to discuss the matter.  I had to just say "Ok, I won't marry your daddy!"  His fears were gone and life went on.  Some other day we can talk about it.

We will have to eventually.  My husband and are are going to try and plan a renewal of our vows in 2years for our 15th wedding anniversary! 

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