My angels!

My angels!

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Diaper rash!

I despiratley want to tell you all about Easter, but that will have to wait.  I am so worried about my babies bum! The poor thing has had a diaper rash for what seems like an eternity!  She had antibiotics in the begining of the month for an ear infection, and then we went into my moms hot tub I think it was the 7th! 

A few days later she had a couple pink spots.  I showed my mom (shes a nurse and mother of 7), she said it was a yeast infection and to use monistat.  I had nystatin ( i think thats spelled right) from the last time.  So I started using that.  Then it exploded!  Pink everywhere! I asked my dad (who is our family dr) he said bag balm and nystatin.  OK... So I did. That but the next day!

Then the unthinkable happened.  She had 2 spots that actually started to bleed between her butt cheeks!  I Felt horrible.  I always thought moms who let their kids butts get like this were horrible and neglecting their children.  I am neither so what gives? So nystatin 3 times a day and tons of bag balm (and I mean tons).  The pink cleared up and the sores started to improve.

Then it got worse!  She got pimply spots around her vagina!  At first a couple then tons!  And large red lumps around the top of her butt crack (below the small of her back).  Yes, medical professionals for parents and I have no idea what the appropriate terminology is for any of this! 

Took her into the family doctor (my dad)! He said diaper dermatitis.  The yeast infection appears to be gone, but the steroid cream can irritate.  Use antibiotic ointment and bag balm.  He said their is such a thing as too clean. I literally change her diaper so fast the pee is still warm when I change her.  In my efforts to keep her bum clean is it in fact too clean?  I'm not sure if that applies to butts! That was yesterday! Everything was getting better!

Not tonight! She screamed when I changed her last dirty diaper.  Her bum is getting red again, and bumps have not diminished!

So the list of what I have used nystatin, bag balm, A & D ointment, Vaseline, hydrocortisone cream, antibiotic ointment, and pixie dust (just kidding on that last one).  I am at a loss and my poor baby is suffering.  I called the pediatrician (we usually see him but he is so hard to get into these days that we often see my dad instead) I made an appointment! We have to wait till Friday!  Hopefully we survive till then! 

I have stopped feeding her fruits, and am only feeding her formula and bland foods so hopefully we can make what comes out a little less irritating on the bum!  I don't know if it will work but at this point I will try anything.


Yummommylicious said...

Hi, that's horrible. I know just how you feel. When I notice that there's a diaper rush coming out in my baby's bum, I apply Petroleum Jelly and I change her diaper every 3 hours, then that's it. I'll be just consistent to it then it will all go away. I hope your baby's rashes will be gone soon.

I'm Just a Girl said...

Poor baby! One of my boys gets horrible diaper rashes too! I found you on Bloggy moms. Please check on my blog when you get the chance.

Daily Mom said...

Ugg! My daughter had such bad diaper rash the other day also. I totally agree that you feel like such a horrible mom when that happens. I checked out some sources on line and tried Tripple Paste and it was great! Cleared up her diaper rash (yes, raw and bleeding) in one day!

Evie, Topher, Ally's Mommy said...

Thanks for all your suggestions! I really appreciate the help!


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