My angels!

My angels!

Monday, August 24, 2009


A lot going on lately so I haven't been able to post, not to mention I am hooked on facebook! Therefore I spend most of my online time on facebook! I also started working. It is good for me to be away for a little bit, and good for the kids to spend more time with dad! Plus, they get to learn that other people can fill their needs not just mommy! I am only working 10 to 20 hours a week so it's not much. Just enough to give me some peace! I don't know why, but when you contribute to the household financially it just feels good! I always felt so bad not making money, but spending it! I know that is silly since I take care of the kids, but that is what our society has done to us. Which is very unfortunate. Right now I need to go to bed, but I am boiling corn because if I don't it will go bad! I can't waste that 2$. I am obsessed with saving money these days! I guess if your gonna be obsessed with anything that's probably a good thing. Believe me it won't last long, not with Christmas around the corner!

The kids are doing good. They fight like cats and dogs, then turn around and play as if nothing happened! I feel like I have 4 kids. Two that hate each other and two that love each other! The house is messier than I'd like, but daddy just had surgery and can't do to much yet! He can watch the kids though! Thank you daddy! I really needed time on my own! Even if it is working it is just what the doctor ordered! I get to talk to people, big, adult type people!!!!
Well I think the corn is done so we gotta get to bed! Goodnight


Sting said...

I just found your blog by googling Irish twins. My sister and I are exactly 10 and 1/2 months apart also. I was born October 29 and she was born sept 16 the next year. My mom went on to have twins about 2 1/2 years after that.

I don't know how she survived that!

Evie and Chris' Mommy said...

Me either!!! Some days I don't know how I do it!


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