My angels!

My angels!

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Hair pulling gone, but hitting in!

Christopher has recently stopped pulling hair, for the most part someone still gets an occasional pull. This is how I handled any unwanted behavior, every time he would pull hair I would tell him, "No we don't pull hair it hurts!" Then I would put him in the pack in play for a minute or two. He hates to be in there, and it was the only way to give him a time out without sitting on him! Timeout is great if you can keep the kids in time out for more than a second.

He does play with my hair still, and I don't know how to stop that obsession. If he wakes up at night and I'm not there he gets pissed because playing with my hair is his soothing method! I absolutely hate it. My husband will try to comfort him, but once he reaches for the hair he realizes it's not there and he gets pissed!

However, as one unwanted behavior seemed to vanish overnight another moved in! He now hits and pushes. It is almost like he is just evil. Except when you watch him he isn't doing it out of anger (usually). For example he has a water gun and because he can't use it properly he walks around hitting people with it. In his mind he is shooting them.

Unfortunately, since Evie is an easier target she is constantly getting hit by him. Don't feel to bad for her, she is no angel! She hits and pushes him just as much. I think some of this behavior she inadvertently taught him! She has been pushing him since he could walk. So now that he is bigger he's pushing back.

He is usually just playing when he hits or pushes, but sometimes he is upset. He doesn't talk much, and I'm gonna have his hearing check just to make sure. I think that he gets frustrated at time and since he doesn't know how to deal with that he hits or pushes. He also resorts to hair pulling when he is angry.

My biggest concern is when he hits his sister she hits back, and or vice versa. I feel like I am watching a wrestling match most of the day! Well some days are like watching mortal enemies along the front lines and then other days they are the best of friends. I usually don't interfere unless someone is really hurt, or going to get hurt! I really don't know what to do about this or if their is anything I can do.

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