My angels!

My angels!

Monday, June 30, 2008

Potty Mouth

I have a horrible habit of saying Sh**. I apparently say it so much I don't even realize I am doing it, but my daughter does. Her first word other than mama, dada, and no was unfortunately Sh**. I feel horrible. What am I going to say when she's 7 or 8 and asks me what her first word was. She actually says it at the right moments to. The first time she said it my husband had given her some fruit snacks, and she dropped them. Her response was Sh**. The elevator doors almost closed the other day before she could get in, and her response again was Sh**. Of coarse we were watching and pushed the open door button before they could have closed.

Our response to this is to just ignore it. I act as if I didn't hear it, and then I say Uh, Oh. I hope this works and puts an end to the potty mouth. One thing I learned my lesson there are ears everywhere.

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