My angels!

My angels!

Saturday, June 14, 2008

Bad Dreams, Psychic Visions, or Paranoia

Have you ever had a horrible vision either while asleep or awake of something terrible happening to your children? For example your in a deep sleep and wake up all of a sudden at 3 am not because someone woke you up, but because you had a nightmare of your children being kidnapped. So you run into their rooms and make sure they are there, but seeing your precious little ones in bed isn't enough you must feel their chests to ensure they are also breathing. Or they are playing in their rooms so quietly you could hear a pin drop. All of a sudden your mind wonders and you have a vision of your child lying on the floor unconscious. You rush to their room to check on them only to find them sitting quietly reading (or pretending to read) a book. They might even be playing right in front of you when the possibility of a freak accident crosses your mind, and all you can do is hug and kiss your little one and thank God they are OK.

Maybe your driving your car or outside playing and you envision a horrific car accident in which you or your children are killed. At least that's the vision that haunts me. If we are driving I have a repeating vision of a car accident in which I am killed. Sometimes the children are killed as well, and sometimes only one of them is. If we are outside walking or playing (it could be anywhere) I have another horrible repeating vision of my oldest running out into the street only to be sent flying into the air by a passing car. Sometimes she doesn't even have to be in the street the car flies into the yard and hits her in my vision.

I know that everyone has these types of visions. Maybe it is a protection mechanism to make us aware of possible dangers so we avoid them. I don't know why we have them, but my concern is not having them. My concern is having the same one or type of one over and over. I really do not believe that I am psychic. However, the thought of losing one or both of my kids, or not being a part of their future scares me to death. I couldn't handle it. You hear stories all the time of the many horrible things that happen to children, and I don't know how their families move on. Maybe they don't.

So the question is am I overly paranoid, and being driven crazy by visions of the possibility of my worst fears coming true. Or is some type of psychic vision preparing me in advance for catastrophe. All I can do is thank God every day and night for their safety, and pray that it lasts forever.

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