My angels!

My angels!

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

The Good News!

I want to take a stroll down memory lane today and talk about the day I found out I was pregnant for the first time. As you may already know my husband and I have been married for 10 years this year. We dated for about a year prior to that. The entire time we were together we didn't use any birth control methods. After a while we started wondering why we didn't have any kids. I discovered that I had endometriosis and my husband had a varicocile that was repaired. According to my doctor there was no reason why we couldn't have kids. So we began to do all the things that couples do when they are trying. This included taking my temperature daily at the same time, and documenting everything from my cycle to when we had intercourse. We were told to had sex every other day. Then to make matters worse everyone and their brother had suggestions on what to do, what not to do, and how to do it. Intimacy became more like a job we had to do. However, like most marriages we got busy with other things and decided to leave the baby stuff up to God.

We had finally given up all hope and decided to look into adoption. Fortunately for us adoption is very expensive. I even thought about going to Mexico, apparently you can buy kids there. It sounds bad, but the parents want a good home for their kids and in most cases have to many already. I didn't know how legal this was and decided not to take any chances. So we went to the Family Services office. In order to adopt you have to first take classes. They try to get you to be a foster parent. I guess that when it comes to adopting a baby the foster parents are always given the opportunity first. Which is only fair the baby has been living with them and knows them. At this point I didn't care if it was a baby or not I just wanted to be a mommy. We thought foster parenting would be the way to go. Maybe this is what God intended for us. So I called Family Services and told them they said they would mail us a class schedule. I watched the mail eagerly it never came.

Then I had been feeling really tired for a couple weeks, but attributed it to the weather. Suddenly I felt horribly ill. I felt like I was suffering from the worst hang over known to man, but I hadn't had any alcoholic beverages in forever. I remembered hearing about all those deadly viruses like the West Nile Virus. I was sure that was what I had. My husband, Dennis, had some buddies over playing poker. Which I was not to thrilled about after all I was deathly sick. I asked one of his friends if his girlfriend was coming over. He said, "Yes."

I told him to call her for me. I informed her of how sick I was, and requested that she stop and buy me a home pregnancy test. If it was negative I was heading to the emergency room because it was only a matter of time before I would die. Thankfully she didn't mind helping me out. I took the test carefully. I honestly did not think it would be positive, but who ever wants to go to the emergency room? Plus, this was not the first time I had taken a test and I had failed miserably every other time. The results appeared instantly and were very dark. No mistake about it I was pregnant. I couldn't believe it I checked the paper a million times to make sure I read it right. I asked my friend to come in and verify the results. Calmly with a quiver in my voice I said, "Michelle, what does this mean?"

She said, "You're pregnant congratulations!" And gave me a hug.

I told Dennis to come inside and I felt my entire body shaking as I told him. He looked like a deer in headlights. I think I was dumbfounded. Then without a word he walked out side. A couple minutes later he came back in and he hugged me so tight I couldn't breath, and I had to actually tap out. He was so excited he started yelling at all his friends telling them the news. He called his parents and said, "Hi, Grandpa!" to his dad. Who did not get it. He thought we were referring to our two dogs at the time. Then he thought for sure we were kidding. My parents didn't get to excited yet. They were concerned the test might have been in error. So the next morning I took another one, positive again. To ensure it was no fluke since both tests came from the same package I went to the hospital for a blood test. It was official I was going to have a baby. I was so excited, and so so so sick. Its hard to be ecstatic when your that miserable the room wouldn't stop spinning, and it didn't for what seemed to me like an eternity.

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