My angels!

My angels!

Thursday, November 3, 2011

School Update

Well we just had parent teacher conferences.  Things weren't as bad as I thought.  I'll break it down per kid!

Christopher my 3.5 year old!  We had a slight rough start.  At first he didn't want to go to school, but he had tons of fun and loved it.  The first month we had green dots every day (they get a green dot for being good, yellow for a lil bad, and red if they had privileges taken away).  He has a friend Derek and apparently they play pretty rough. He came home with dirt all in his hair one day.  He said his buddy put it on him.  His teacher said they roll around and all kinda crazy stuff on the play ground.  He got off the bus crying a few times a kid hit him.  I told him yell to the bus driver or the lady who rides with you.
   Then the second month came and my son is feeling more himself at school.  He got 2 orange dots, touching other kids, being disruptive, and not listening.  Then he got 3 red dots, 2 for pushing, one for hitting a kid in the face!  I wasn't surprised but I was upset.  At the conference the teacher said she wasn't worried about it.  It was only a few incidents (A FEW OK!) She also said he is very smart and social.  She often gives him something to hold on to during circle time so he can pay attention.  She often keeps him separate ex: walking in line.  I don't mind cause he loves school, and if it keeps him from hurting others I am for it.  I'm not sure where to go from here so were taking things one day at a time.

Evangeline really doesn't have any problems she is actually ahead of most of the class with many skills like writing her name.  She pays attention, follows directions, and doesn't get into trouble.  She is social but sometimes quiet.  She has friends and sometimes has to be reminded its not time to talk!  No big deal!  She has had some incidents on the bus thou!  Her and another girl fight to sit by the window.  The rule is whoever gets there first gets to sit by the window.  She often comes home crying she didn't get to sit by the window.  She has even asked the other little girl if they could take turns.  Last week she got there first and the lady who rides with them grabbed her shirt and pulled her to move her into the outer seat.  The woman told her she gets off the bus first so shouldn't sit by the window.  Evie cried so she let her sit there.  I asked her about it the next day she insisted she would never!  She said she only helped Evie with her seat belt.  Evie said she always does her own seat belt and the lady lied to me.  I believe my 4 year old.  She doesn't lie!  I guess at this point I'm gonna let it go and see if it happens again.  Then all hell is gonna break loose cause she has no right to touch my baby!  I'm so mad that I'm letting it go for now, but I'm trying to be adult about it. 
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Trust your child, especially if similar things keep happening.


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