My angels!

My angels!

Thursday, November 3, 2011

Working Update

Ok, I've been working for a while now 3 days one week and one day the next.  Some times are harder than others.  The worst part is the kids behavior has gotten worse. I'm not sure if the change is from my working or just the change in weather.  We aren't outside as much as before.  In fact we are home a lot more now, or at least the kids are.  They are home with me when daddy works and home with daddy when mommy works!  Ally is more attached to me.  When I get home I hear "MAMA" or "MOMMMY" and she runs to me.  Then I have to hold her for a while.  She is also more clingy than before. She was more of daddy's girl but now that she misses me when I'm gone she's a mama's girl.  Topher is just wild.  He is worse than before and so mean to me sometimes.  I'm not sure what to do.  Evie is ok, but I can tell sometimes she feels left out.  We are getting our nails done this weekend her reward for doing good in school all month!  Topher didn't do so good, otherwise we'd all be going for ice cream.  The worst part is I love working!  I love being at home with my kids too, and I desperately miss my hubby!  We see each other a little bit during the week otherwise we are together every other Wednesday, every other Saturday and Sunday! Plus, they make destroy the house when I'm gone. I don't mind cleaning it, but some times I feel like I'm going crazy "didn't I just clean this up 5 minutes ago!" I don't know how moms work full time and keep the house clean (oh wait their kids must be at day care during the day!) I can't complain soon they will all be in school and I will miss these days!

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