My angels!

My angels!

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Pregnant again, again, again!

According to my calculations I am 5 weeks and due on July 9th.  Since my doctor doesn't do VBACs (vaginal births after a csection) this birth will also be a c-section.  Usually, scheduled two weeks early so we are looking around June 18th? I'm not sure about that date didnt look at next years calendar and my math is horrible. He usually does them on a friday!  So as long as things go ok.  We know what to expect as far as that.  My last pregnancy I had gestational diabetes and that was not fun! Hope it doesnt happen again. 

I also feel it's a little to early to celebrate, but if your pregnant you're pregnant thats not gonna change.  At least not for another 8 months!  I am not looking foreward to being pregnant or having a c-section again.  Each time it gets a little harder than before! I am guessing thats from the scar tissue.  I am loking foreward to having a baby!  Kids are amazing and I couldn't imagine a life without them. 

That being said.  I am not looking foreward to all the changes that are gonna have to be made.  We need a new car!  We all won't fit in ours!  Which really sucks cause we just bought it!  Well 7 months ago but still that's new.  We are already planning on moving next year, but moving when your pregnant is not fun!  You can't do anything, and while people understand that it still sucks! 

My kids are so excited.  Evie and Topher are already talking about names for their baby brother!  I really hope its a boy! Thats's another thing.  Nameing a kid is difficult!  All of my kids have special names with special meanings the more you have the harder that is to do! Oh, and by coincidence all 3 of their names are greek in origin!  So gotta keep that trend going! 

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