My angels!

My angels!

Sunday, September 14, 2008

To Good To Be True!

Both kids were supper tired. I had to get my son to sleep first because my daughter won't go to sleep if she can hear her brother. So despite the fact that my daughter was super cranky and not to happy about sharing mommy this evening I had to take care of baby first. Then I laid down with my daughter and started watching a Thomas the Train movie. We didn't get very far into the movie when I realized she was already asleep. Yeah!!!

Nine O'clock and both kids were fast asleep! I used this time to clean up, and take a badly needed shower. I was finally in bed getting comfortable when my daughter began to whine! Uh, OH!!! She didn't eat much for dinner so I knew she was hungry. I had a bottle with 5 oz of milk and a container of Gerber bananas mixed together. I call them her smoothies! She loves them. She drank it in no time. Then she tossed and turned! I was worried. Finally disaster struck, she sat up and began babbling away! She was wide awake, and in a good mood ready to play! Yikes! So hear I am at 11 pm on the computer while she plays and just talks ans talks the night away! I wish I had her energy!

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