My angels!

My angels!

Thursday, September 4, 2008

18 months Check up

Evangeline had her 18 month check up yesterday. She is 34 inches tall. That is in the 96th percentile. The doctor says that at 2 she will probably be off the charts. She only weighs 23 pounds. He was glad she gained since last time. She is doing really good. He said she is above average with her speech and walking. She still takes the bottle and binkie, which he was not happy about. I am working on it. I insisted she was doing very well getting off of both of them. However, while we were talking she got into the diaper bag and took her binkie and bottle out. I was totally humiliated as she put her binkie in her mouth and carried her bottle to around the room. Once she found a spot to sit she pulled out the binkie chugged her bottle and reinserted the binkie. Thanks Evie! He also recommended we start potty training which was something I thought would be in the distant future! I was and am completely unprepared for this. Next payday our potty training adventure will begin. She only had to get one shot and did pretty good with it. It was a hib I think. She did get a fever and really cranky later. I kept her on Tylenol and Motrin alternating all day and she was fine!

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