My angels!

My angels!

Friday, July 8, 2011

Trash monster!

Ally has been busted! She is the trash monster.  At first we'd catch her taking things out of the trash!  Anything and everything she could reach, and some of it was nasty!  Now she has been busted throwing things away.

 She was by the trash can this morning and I heard a thud!  I looked and (thankfully) I saw it! The direct tv remote!  How we would function without it is beyond me!  Now the only question is "What else has she thrown away?" 

I am missing the dust pan!  It vanished without a trace last night!  I am sure its in the trash, but the trash has gone out, and I don't dare try to look for it.  Lucky, for me it's an inexpensive item or I'd be garbage surfing right now!

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