My angels!

My angels!

Monday, July 18, 2011

Broken Hearts!

It was 7pm and I was putting Ally to bed (my 13 month old).  Evie and Topher were playing good downstairs, but decided to come upstairs.  They know they are not supposed to do this when I am putting Ally in bed!  So I was frustrated.  I told them go downstairs. 

Instead they ran and hid behind a large chair in Ally's room, just as I was laying Ally in her crib.  They were laughing and screaming hysterically.  I know they thought they were being funny, but they know that is against the rules plus I had just told them to go!  I was furious.  Ally jumped up and started screaming! Why, not she didn't want to miss out on the fun.

I yelled "get out!"  They ran downstairs.  I followed them and made them stop playing and sit on the couch.  I reminded them of the rules and told them to listen!  The sound was Ally crying.  I told them she was crying because they didn't listen and she wanted to play to.  Then I told them that because they didn't listen they were going to bed to, and not swimming.

Its hot and I was going to let them stay up and swim with me when Ally went to bed.  Now that wasn't going to happen because Ally wasn't going to bed, and I wasn't going to let them stay up all night!  They cried and cried....

Topher said, "Mama, you broke my heart....give me a hug!"  That just broke my heart!  I held him so tight.  Then pulled Evie into the hug to. We sat there for a while in a big hug.  Then I said "if your good we will get up in the morning eat breakfast and go swimming!"  They were fine with that and we began the bed time routine.

As we walked into the bathroom Evie cried a little and said "Mom, It was all my fault!"  I didn't understand and didn't say anything.  She said again "It was all my fault we were naughty, it was my idea!"  I felt so bad for her.  I told her "That's ok everyone has a bad idea sometime, but your being good now and tomorrow is a new day! We will start all over." 

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