My angels!

My angels!

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Growing pains

Evie has gone through some major changes over the past month. First she lost her binkie. We had been telling her for a long time to leave it in her bed so she wouldn't lose it. Every time I had to search the house for it I swore it would be the last. Finally one day she lost it and we couldn't find it. So she went without. I found it a few days later, but put it up. She has been binkie free 3 or 4 weeks now. Its been a little bumpy, but not to bad.

She still asks for her binkie every once in a while, and if you ask her if she needs one she will say "yes". However, she no longer cries for it, that only lasted the first day or so. She does talk A LOT! I mean it she talks and talks and talks now. I had no idea she was such a talker. Some nights we can't fall asleep cause all you can hear is her little voice talking away!

She also started throwing tantrums. She had mini ones before, but nothing compared to these new ones. I mean she will kick, scream, cry, and yell. It is horrific. I finally just started putting her into bed every time, and I tell her she can get out when she is done. Usually she is out with in a minute or two and is her normal self. I think some of the crying is because she doesn't sleep as much as before. I think that is because she's adjusting to life without the binkie. She hardly ever takes a nap anymore either.

She has also started wanting to be a baby. She has always worn diapers at night, even though she is potty trained. However, now many times she asks to wear a diaper during the day. She used to take diapers off and use the potty when she was awake, but many times now she just goes in the diaper. She doesn't do it all the time, but when she does she says "I a baby!" She has also started a squeaky talk that she says is her baby talk. Were not giving it to much attention, but it is annoying.

If anyone has any advice on these undesired behaviors I am all ears.


Aimie said...

She is still little, I wouldn't worry. I had the same issue with one of my girls. She had been trained for a while and then went back to diapers. In a few months she was back on the potty again all on her own. Just try not to stress. It is just the only thing they can control at their age. Sometimes they need that. It will pass. She will be fine and so will you :)

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