My angels!

My angels!

Friday, January 8, 2010


The fighting between my kids never stops. Many times Evie is simply the victim of Topher's inability to control his impulses, and understand what hurts and what is play. However, on occasion Evie has instigated the fight herself. Whether she is just getting pay back or deciding to take control of a situation herself she has gotten herself into a fair number of scuffles.

For instance tonight I ran to her aide, and quickly grabbed Topher off her back before he had a chance to bite into her. I had to then chase him before I could put him into time out (which doesn't work, but gives Evie the feeling that justice has been served). On my way with him to time out Evie said, "I take his binkie!" Which is a big "No No!" Even for mommy.

I asked, "Why did you take his binkie?"

Her response made me bite my tongue to keep from laughing. She matter of factly said, "I take his binkie. He naughty, I take his binkie!"

I could not believe it, and once I was sure I would not laugh or show her my smile. I very seriously said, "Mommy is the boss. If he is naughty tell mommy, and I will take binkies if they need taking!"

For now I am the boss, but she is so independent I know it won't last for long.

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