My angels!

My angels!

Sunday, January 16, 2011

going crazy

i dont know if its the weather or what. but evie and topher have been fighting like cats and dogs. i am seriously going crazy.  they play so good together but then snap and fight like crazy.  sometime christopher does things on purpose just to start a fight and i know thats true because you can see it on his face when he does things or afterwards.  i wish i had extra money for some type of high impact class to get all their energy outt. this week was really bad but topher hadnt left the house in 6 days. so no wonder he was outta control.

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Ibn Hanif said...

Wonderful! My favorite blog which earlier used to be posted by Evie, Christ Mummy now being posted by Evie, Christ and Ally's Mummy.

I am glad to see a new member in your family.

Perhaps, you may not remember me as a reader of your blog but once, I really used to read each post of this wonderful blog until the updates stopped in the blog. I think I have visited after a long long time and that too by typing the url directly.
I had not forgotten


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