My angels!

My angels!

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Working Days

My husband is currently no longer working nights. He is now on the day shift, 8 am to 8pm. It is so much nicer because we get to spend so much more time with him. Plus, he isn't as tired as he used to be so he helps me out a ton more than before. The only thing that sucks is he gets home at 8:15 and if the kids aren't asleep yet I have a horrible time getting them to bed. They get so excited when daddy walks in that all efforts to get them to bed are lost! Daddy might need to start helping with the bed time routine even though he's just getting home from a long day at work. I would push it but that factory is so hot that when he comes home I know he is exhausted. I don't think he understands how important it is that the kids get to bed at their bedtime. He will if I ever get a job and he has to deal with tired cranky kids in the morning. Bed time is 8pm, but some nights I haven't been able to get the little monsters to sleep until 10 or 11, and believe me by that time they are monsters!

If this schedule lasts I might get a part time job working 2 days a week! I would love to get a job. It would be nice to help out with money because it seems like now a days money is never enough!

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