My angels!

My angels!

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Back at the In-Laws.

We packed up and headed home, only to hit a stand still on the highway. Since traffic wasn't moving at all we assumed there must have of been an accident. Due to the fact that the kids were cranky we headed back to the in-laws house. Thank God we had only traveled 10 minutes away! I guess we will try again later. We have to get home tonight because hubby has to work tomorrow. The worst part is I needed to go grocery shopping today. I will have to find some way to get to the store tomorrow. Since we only have one car when Daddy works we usually just stay at home all day. If we don't we have to get up and be ready to take him to work at 7:30 then pick him up at 8. That will equal tired cranky kids!

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