My angels!

My angels!

Saturday, June 6, 2009

The not so great, great outdoors!

Today we took the kids after dinner on a little drive. We came across one of those historical plaques that tell you what happened there. This one had pictures and told that the area was a POW camp that held German soldiers during WWII. Apparently they were brought over to Michigan to help farmers who were in desperate need of help harvesting crops. It was really interesting. Nothing was left standing of the camp except the plaque.

We walked around the area since it was nice. However, there were a lot of cactus and mosquitoes. It ended up being a nightmare. The worst part was that I let Evie down to pick some flowers, but there was some kind of plant with barbs that stuck her all over. It was horrible, thankfully I had tweezers in my bag, she had hundreds of thin little red things stuck into her legs and hands. I felt so bad. It didn't seem to hurt her to much, but it did hurt. She had red bumps all over afterwards from the irritation and some of them bled a little. Some didn't come out all the way, and swelled up. They looked like little mosquito bites.

As a parent you try to protect your kids from things, and in this case I put her down in whatever it was that did this. I feel like the worst mother. I think it traumatized me more than her.


Jennifer said...

Yikes! Poor thing! Lucky you had the tweezers in your bag! I'm going to have to start carrying some around just in case! I hope she's better!

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Marie Reed said...

What cutie pies you have! They are adorable I'll ditto what Jen wrote too:)

Stopping by from MBC/Follow Me Club. I'm following you now!

Mama of 3 Munchkins! said...

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Shelly said...

Ouch. You're right. You'll remember it far longer than she will. Don't beat yourself up, I wouldn't have had the tweezers on hand to get the pricklys out:)

I have an award for you if you'd like to swing by and grab it.

Veronica Lee said...

Hi, I'm visiting from Follow Me Club1. Great blog.

-Knowles said...

Ouch! Way to go with the tweezers- I would never have those in my bag! Hope she's doing better now.

Mommyof2girlz said...

Oh my gosh they are adorable! Stopping by from MBC Follow Me Club to follow and say hello :)


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