My angels!

My angels!

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

The Dentist Visit!

The visit wasn't as bad as I thought. It was hard having to get her up early, despite the fact that she has been getting up earlier than usual the past few weeks. I still had to wake her up and I hate that. I hoped Christopher would sleep until after I left, but no such luck. He was mad he didn't get to go, but enjoyed playing with daddy. Daddy was very tired because he works nights, and even though this was on a morning that he didn't work before he was still very tired. He has a hard time sleeping at night on his nights off. I kept waking up and reminding him he needed to sleep, but he didn't. Sure enough he was tired as hell that morning. He said, "You should have got someone to watch Christopher!" At that point it was to late. Not to mention he was rude when I "politely" reminded him he would have to be up before 8 and it would probably take 2 hours. He handled it well even though he was tired, but the house didn't! I think Christopher played with everything!

Evie was excited when we got there because of the toys in the play area. I signed in and waited. First they took us back and gave her two types of medication to sedate her. I don't remember what they were. She took them very well. Even though the assistant said the one tasted bad. I could tell by Evie's face that if was gross! We had to make her drink the last little bit, or at least persuade her a little. She did great. I was amazed. I had expected a battle. Then we went to the waiting room and waited.

I paid and made her next appointment so after wards I had nothing to worry about but her. Then we waited for the drugs to kick in. It didn't take long first she started to stumble around then slur her speech. It got so bad she couldn't walk, but she kept trying. I had to help her a lot. Then she got tired so she laid in my lap. She would drift off the jump up and start talking. I could hardly understand her what she would say. She climbed into the dentist's toy box and laid down. It was funny. I video taped a little with my camera, but don't know how to get the video off of the SD card. My computer didn't recognize it.

Finally, they called us back. I had to carry her of coarse. We went into the room and on the dentist chair (you know the laid back kind) was a board like they use on ambulances when someone has a head or neck injury. They laid her down on it. Their was a mesh blanket with Velcro straps all along it. That wrapped around her to hold her down. She had a blood pressure cuff on one arm and a oxygen thing on the other. She didn't like the thing on her finger for the oxygen, and pulled her arm out of the blanket right away. So they let me hold that hand. I was glad to do something!

They put the gas mask over her nose. It was red and scented like strawberries. I asked her if she smelled the strawberries. She said, "Yeah, strawberries!" But I could hardly understand it. In fact it took me a few seconds to realize what she said. Then they put sunglasses on her. Pooh glasses. I know she liked that she loves sun glasses. It was so cute, but you could barely see her face.

Then they began. It only took about 30 min for them to fix all 4 teeth. The first two went smooth. They drilled, then filled them, and used some type of UV like light to dry the sealer quickly. The second two must have hurt, because she began to squirm and fuss. I started talking to her and she relaxed. Then it was all over. Come back in a week! She got a couple stickers and a balloon!

When we got to the car the worst of it started. She was cranky. She was tired and now hungry! They said no food until the sedation wore off so she wouldn't choke. I gave her chocolate milk when we got home. She was fine with that. However, she wanted mommy and so did brother. Who although he was fine with daddy realized he missed mommy when I got home. I thought he was tired, because he too was cranky. So I literally had both kids just screaming and crying. Christopher also wanted Evie's balloon. She was in no mood to share. She tired to lay down with it. I laid down with both of them and turned on cartoons. Christopher did not want to sleep. Lucky for me Evie fell asleep fast! I made sure she was comfortable and safe. Then I took Christopher and ran a few errands really quick. Daddy and Evie were both asleep in the king size family bed. Which could be just a little bit bigger if you asked me!

Our first stop ruining errand was the dentist's office to ask for another balloon for jealous brother. It had to come from there because if it wasn't the same Evie would then be jealous! The end teeth fixed and disaster averted!



Momma Bear said...

climbed in the toybox and laid down? hehehe

oh boy I seriously think i have panic attacks when all 3 children crowd around me and scream and cry. Ugg for you momma!

Aimie said...

I have sooo had that day. Congrats for getting through it in one piece!


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