My angels!

My angels!

Monday, May 4, 2009

Dentist visit!

Evie goes to the dentist on Wednesday for her front teeth to be fixed. She has bottle rot. She will have to drink anesthetic mixed with juice and have laughing gas. If she doesn't tolerate it well they will reschedule her in the hospital and put her under. We have to be their at 8am because she can not eat or drink after midnight! She is never up at 8am! This is already sounding like a nightmare! I dread waking her up!

Plus, many nights she wakes up and drinks water or chocolate milk in the night! What am I gonna do if she wants a drink. I will be up with a screaming tired kid! That will wake up her brother, too. Then after I get them back to sleep I will soon have to wake her up again to force her to drink something that probably tastes like crap! You know it will! They think she will drink it, like a juice box! Ha! I don't think so! We will see!


-Knowles said...

Does not sound like fun! Good luck!

IBNE HANIF said...

I am 28 but it still scares me to hear the word dentist,
but i hope Evie will not.
Good luck from me too !


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