My angels!

My angels!

Monday, February 4, 2013

Sick Kids!

Evie was sick last week. She was vomiting for three days.  Then Friday Thaddeus vomited and started having diarrhea.  He has had the diarrhea since then.  Early Saturday morning Ally started vomiting.  I thought she was better because Sunday she didn't vomit all day until the second half of the Super Bowl (maybe she didn't like how the game was going).  She also started having diarrhea today as well.  The poor girl.  She wanted some milk today.  I told her no cause she would vomit if she drank milk.  She cried and said she wanted milk.  She then told me it was OK cause if she vomited she would vomit in her vomit bucket (a cleaned out butter tub)!  I caved and gave her the milk.  Christopher also started vomiting and diarrhea this am.  He's the only one who doesn't have yellow diarrhea.  He threw up all over his bed.  It was horrible I have no idea how he managed to get vomit everywhere.  After he had diarrhea he said that his butt vomited! I swear the only thing my kids share are their germs!  I was looking online and I think they may have the rotavirus.  I did take Evie to the doctor and he said she had Gastroenteritis.  Which apparently can be caused by the rota virus.  I'm not going to take them to get checked because they're not that sick to see the doctor and the treatment for rotavirus is the same for any virus.  I did get more hand sanitizer and disinfecting wipes, because it is very contagious.

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Dominique Abram said...

Dear Felicia, how are you all doing? Can't wait to hearing from you soon. Love


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