My angels!

My angels!

Monday, January 28, 2013

allergies or something else

I posted last year about the horrible itching on my palms and soles of my feet.  No I haven't had time to get it checked out.  I need to go in for fasting blood work.  I have a slightly elevated liver enzyme, but my doctor assures me that if it were my liver these incidents would happen more often.  The last one woke me up from sleep at midnight.  I thought maybe it was stress so I took one of my husbands muscle relaxers and keep my mind busy till I fell asleep.  Anytime I start to feel tingly in my palms I try to relax and practice some deep breathing.  I'm not sure if it helps or not.  I think it does.  So that's where I am at with that.  I feel so guilty taking time for my self to do anything even doctor appointments that I often put them off.  I know I shouldn't and this is important to have checked out, but so is everything else.  I learned the hard way not to put the dentist off. LOL

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Anonymous said...

Have the same problem with hands and feet. It seems to be made worse by household heat in the winter, so a humidifier may help you. Also, a good non-allergenic moisturiser like Aveeno does wonders. Some hand creams - for instance ones with cocoa butter - can be the cause of the dry skin if you are allergic to an ingredient. The dry skin on my feet went away when I switched hand creams, as if the reaction was whole body rather than local. I was warned off a cocoa butter hand cream by my brother, who had a whole body itch after using it only on his hands. Beware of innocent skin products as much as foods you eat.


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