My angels!

My angels!

Monday, January 28, 2013

Funny things my 2 year old says!

My two year old is the best!  She says the greatest things, no joke...

I am driving home after taking my oldest, Evie, to the doctor.  Ally (the 2year old) and Thaddeus the baby are in the car as well.

Ally says "Mom, Evie called me a name!"

"Oh, what did she call you?"  I ask.

"She called me 'ALLY'," she responds.

I smile.  "That's because that is your name!" I say trying not to laugh.

"Oh, you call me that all the time...(giggles)...I'm so silly!" she laughs!

Then she makes monkey noises for a while to show me how silly she is!

I say, "Yes, you are silly!"

She adds, "you are too, mommy!"

My children never cease to amaze me!

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