My angels!

My angels!

Saturday, November 27, 2010

baby update

I figured while I'm on here I'd let the world know how the baby is doing!  Ally has laryngomalacia like her brother and has to be on an apnea monitor when she sleeps.  She is doing great and growing like a weed.  She will be 6 months on the fourth, but is in 9month clothes!  She is trying so hard to crawl so it won't be long before she is mobile.  She gets on all four and rocks back and forth.  She even crawls a lil bit, and thrusts herself forward.  She can get to anything she sets her mind to though!  She is so smart and you can tell she's always thinking! She loves to watch her brother and sister, and they love her to.  Sometimes a little to much!  Topher gets to rough.  Most of the time it is because they don't understand, and occasionally there is a little jealousy!  Not much though we try hard to give them each attention and love! 

We have started to offer her a sippy cup and feeding with a spoon.  She does really good!  She loves sweet potatoes.   She hated the peas.  She has also tried carrots, bananas, peaches, rice, and oatmeal.  She still only gets breast milk.  I am hoping to make it a year.  I don't want to pump anymore and will quit sometime next month.  However, I have a lot frozen!  So keep your fingers crossed. 

She hasn't been sick yet but has a runny nose that just started so well see.   She did have a cough for a long time, but the doctor said it was due to her GERD (acid reflux).  She takes 2 medications for the GERD and gets rice cereal in her milk. It seems to help but she still spits up a lot.  Worse when I forget her medications.  It's hard cause she gets one four times a day.  I feel bad when I forget, and really there is no excuse.  But if you ask I've got a million of them!

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