My angels!

My angels!

Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Confessions of a sick mommy!

So to say I am having a rough day is kind of an understatement!  I woke up all throughout the night either freezing or feeling so hot that, I swear my blankets were burning my skin.  Not to mention the horrific cough that hurts my abbs so bad that it could be considered exercise!  No kidding! My body feels like I was hit by a truck or maybe a bus.  I can't breath or smell, thank goodness for the smell part!  I'm sure the sweating last night doesn't make for a spring fresh smell in the morning.

I got up and did the best I could to get the kids to school.  Thank goodness they were all angels this morning!  I know that in itself is a miracle.  I should have known nothing good was going to follow.  I called off work!  I don't want to share my germs, and I am positive they don't want them either.  I cancelled my dentist appointment.  I prepared to rest.

I set up my 4 year old and went to lay down.  HA HA HA!  Surprise, crazy drama going on and your working from home today!  I should explain, I often work from home.  That was quick and easy!  I am very blessed with that luxury.  So I spend my morning miserable working from home, taking care of my 4 year old, and puppy.  Nothing abnormal there except did I fail to mention I feel like death!

Finally, I can relax.  It is 1:00 pm!  The day is over half done.  Relax!  What the heck is that?  The world had other plans and I might as well give in.  So I decide forget it.  I'm up and I need shower BAD!

So I tell my 4 year old I am stinky and going to take a shower, and he must be good.  He thinks he needs a bath because he is stinky too.  Never mind he already had a bath today!  Oh, NO!   FYI, a 4 year old cannot take a bath while mommy showers and no one else is home!  I am sure you didn't need me to explain that but I'm a talker.   So after a lengthy argument with my 4 year old.  And, Yes, I am the parent.  And for those of you who just thought that, you don't have kids do you?  Or its been a long time since yours was 4!

So yes after a lengthy argument with my 4 year old.  I said this "If you don't sit down and watch Paw Patrol while I shower I will spank your butt!"  Now for those of you grabbing the phone to report this abuse, hold on.  I would never never never spank my child for not watching TV!  That is insane!  But he doesn't know that does he???   In fact there are very few occasions I would spank my child for.

Was it right?  Was it wrong?  Doesn't matter!  Bottom line mommy needed a shower! For a number of reasons. One, I am pretty sure I was very very stinky and two I was hoping and praying it would help me feel better.

So I took my shower and YAY! He stayed on the couch watching tv. Or at least I think he did.  He was there when I went into the shower and there when I got out!  LOL

So all in all a success! 

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