My angels!

My angels!

Friday, February 1, 2013

You Look Like Your Gonna Have Another Baby!

I'm sitting on the couch with my 5year old daughter.  She has been sick and wants to cuddle. As we are sitting there watching television she begins to pat my belly.  She then looks up at me and says, "Mommy you look like your gonna have another baby!"  I look down and am shocked then say, "Your right!"  I hadn't noticed or was in denial but all the fat I lost from breast feeding was back and then some.  I did have a rounded belly just like during my pregnancies.  Thankfully not a full term belly!  Since then I have decided to exercise and eat better.  I won't say diet because I just can't diet.  I will try to make better choices, but mostly I am going to exercise.  I didn't want to start off with too much so since then I have done 50 crunches a day.  The day she brought me back to reality I did 100!  I know it isn't much, but there's a baby in my belly. HA!  Its a small start cause I know me if I over do it, I'm done doing it!  My parents have an elliptical I thought 20 minutes a day on that should be good.  HA HA HA HA.... I had no idea how hard of a work out using an elliptical was!  My butt was kicked after 5minutes.  My legs turned to jelly!  So for now 5minutes everyday we go to moms house, which is almost daily!  Wish me luck everyone and keep your fingers crossed.  I'd love to lose 30lbs!  I'd settle with being able to fit in my jeans again! 

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